BIW domain training

Give your professional career a new height with the best BIW domain training in Pune. Body In White or BIW as it commonly known as is an important stage in the manufacturing and designing process of the automobiles. It can be understood as the body shell design with a special focus on automotive-like cars. Further, the BIW can be recognized as the sheet metal welded structure and certain types of specific activities can be categorized under this.

For example, the different activities that are performed in the weld shop before going to paint shop, primarily related to the manufacturing of the shell and the vehicle body can be comprehensively accounted under the BIW domain training. Specifically, the BIW will not emphasize the moving parts of the cars along with chassis, doors, and engine of the car.

Know all about the BIW domain training in Pune

In a highly competitive environment, it is very important to upgrade the designing skills so that the individual has diverse chances of employment. The BIW professionals are skilled in performing tasks such as joining the interior and exterior of the car. The training helps the mechanical engineers to use BIW shell for mounting the inner parts of the car which comprise of dashboard, seats, door trim, roof liner and pillar trim with particular types of nuts and brackets that are mounted on the BIW.

For instance, the plastic domain training in Pune can be of great assistance to individuals when they are designing the interior of the cars such as hand support, glove box, coffee mug holder, hand support. In addition to this, the plastic also provides a medium for fixing multiple types of electronic equipment in cars such as charger plug, water bottle holder, GPS screen and the music system. The plastic industry has always remained an evergreen area of employment especially for the fresher as well as experienced mechanical engineers. Thus, the skills will enable you to plan a better career for yourself.

Apart from the BIW domain training in Pune also helps the trainee professionals to design the exterior of the car. For example, the training enables the individuals to design the exterior of the car such as the side mirrors, front bumper, rear bumper, etc. on the BIW shell through specialized mounting systems.

The successful completion of the BIW domain training in Pune can provide you with employment opportunities in major automobile companies. The professionals can be placed in multiple positions such as BIW process engineer, BIW fixture designer engineer, and BIW product designer. These are some of the direct job opportunities that the engineering professionals can receive but certain other job roles can be easily performed after completion of the training course such as the body shop engineer, Tool or die, designer, product designer, and styling designer, etc.

BIW domain training in Pune

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Automotive BIW Product Design Syllabus

  • Introduction to BIW
  • What is BIW?
  • Importance of BIW
  • BIW types and BIW Components
  • Commodities in BIW
  • BIW Terminology
  • Car plane and Car axis
  • Introduction of Vehicle bodyline
  • Process layout of Automobile
  • BIW CAD Methodology for stamping parts
  • 3D Cad practice
  • Vehicle build up flow
  • BIW Product development cycle
  • BIW Design Considerations
  • BIW Materials
  • BIW Joining techniques
  • BIW Manufacturing processes
  • Weight calculation and Section modulus
  • BIW Design Guidelines

  • BIW Painting process
  • BIW Closure Project - Door area Overview
  • Introduction to Door
  • Door part / supplier parts Introduction
  • Sealing in doors
  • Part material and sizes
  • Master sections creations
  • Design flow
  • Seal layout
  • Hinge layout
  • Check arm layout
  • Beltline layout
  • Grommet layout
  • CAE and Testing’s
  • Automotive regulations
  • BIW CAE - Introduction / Durability test
  • GD&T and Tolerance stack
  • 3D / 2D Design Checklists
  • FAQ - Imp Interview questions
  • Mock interview and Selection Process

A Quick Overview : BIW Domain

  • Duration : 3 months
  • Mode of Delivery: Offline
  • Certification: Available
  • Weekend Batch: Available
  • Class time: 2 hours Daily
  • Industrial Live Projects: Available
  • Course Pre-requisites: Automobile OR Mechanical Graduation with Basic knowledge of CATIA software.